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Beverage and Food Distribution

Dry ice is used to ship foods and other perishables that need to be kept frozen during transportation. It provides an efficient method for transportation at safe temperatures. Also used in food processing facilities to control temperature, impede bacteria growth and reduce spoilage.

Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Effective and environmentally friendly way to deep clean industrial equipment. Compressed air and a jet nozzle are used to spray small pellets of dry ice onto the intended target. The extreme cold causes targeted material to shrink, allowing for easier removal.

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Our clients use dry ice as a cooling agent when they need to transport delicate objects such as biomedical samples, organs, blood, and other material because of its temperature and ability to keep items cold for long periods of time. At a temperature of about -109 degrees Fahrenheit, it makes urgent or long-haul transportation much more efficient and reliable than regular ice. Because dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide that evaporates, there will be no water left over, which prevents bacteria growth.

Medical Storage

Biological samples such as blood and vaccines are often stored with dry ice to keep it cold for long periods of time to ensure its survival.

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COVID-19 Vaccine TransportDry ice is an important component to make sure the COVID-19 vaccine stays cold. The vaccine requires dry ice during shipping and storage.

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